Kim & Kids – Featured Friday

We’re rolling out day 2 of our featured week!! This treasure of a channel has some amazing videos as KIM & KIDS shares their crazy awesome experiences with you.  Check out this video of theirs:

“My name is Kim , I am a Mother of 7 awesome children and we live in Alberta , Canada. Our Family: Momma ( Kim ) 35 Emily is 16 Jeremy is 12 Matthew is 11 Zoey is 9 Jack is 6 Noah is 4 and little Miss Ella is 2 years old. The main reason I wanted to start vlogging is for my KIDS. I want to have videos that we can always go back and watch over and over 😉 Another reason I vlog is the fact that I have Fibromyalgia and it affects my memory so I don’t want to “miss” out on anything. Here you will see our crazy days,fun days,lazy days and even bad days but together we make those days memorable. You will see some day in the life, grocery hauls , crafty hauls, DIY’S , life update videos as well as random cuteness from my kids 🙂 ” – KIM & KIDS

Make sure you head on over to the KIM & KIDS YouTube channel to check out other amazing videos about their life and experiences.

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