Face Mask Experiment – Giveaway Winner Announced

Face Mask Experiment – Giveaway Winner Announced
Check out this amazing face mask experiment and also find out who won our very first Lift Laugh Love giveaway!

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Have you ever tried this kind of face mask? Crazy huh?! It was fun to try! We also worked out hard core at the gym, went tanning poolside at these luxury apartments, and had an incredible date night painting some new furniture for our lovely place. Check it out and subscribe for more!

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Back to the Gym for a Core Workout

On one of our first few days back to the gym and for the start of our blog we decided to make it a core workout day.  For a while we had been talking about recording more footage to put together some videos to post for everyone.  Late at night we were laying in bed and I wanted to try out a new app on my phone for editing videos.  After about 30 minutes of playing around with the app I decided the video was actually worth posting.  It turned our pretty well.  I posted it on Facebook this afternoon and before the day was over we reached over 500 people and got over 200 views.  This was quite the accomplishment for us and we’re so grateful for everyone who follows our content. It looks like heading back to the gym for a core workout really paid off. It was even more intense than leg day! Check out the video here:

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