How to Make Money Online

How to make money online is one of those questions that is quite frequently asked.  There are so many articles out there that talk about different ways of making money online, and most of them will try to sell you a system or a product in attempt to make money themselves. Using this short article you will be able to find a few ways that will really allow you to make money online without worrying about the nightmare of any scams.

The absolute best way, in my opinion, to make money online is through marketing. No, I’m not referring to the idea of “network marketing”, more commonly known as as the misnomer “pyramid scheme”. I’m referring to affiliate programs and marketing. Traditionally, if a company wants to make money they pay for advertising campaigns and then their ad goes out. A rising method of this advertising is through affiliates. Some companies will allow you to share links that will track how many people purchase from that company through your link or how much they spend after clicking on your link. The company will then commonly offer a percentage of that sale to you as a commission. Some very common sites that manage these relationships are and to name only a few.

make money online with share a sale

Other companies may offer an affiliate program through their own website or through a CRM such as Infusionsoft. You can find affiliate programs for anything from beauty and makeup products to software and services.

Another common way to earn money online is via Google’s AdSense program. If you sign up for an AdSense account you can then take advantage of ads that other companies are paying for in order to place them on your website and/or online network. Most people who have their own YouTube channel are aware that they can monetize their videos, or in other words allow companies to place ads on the videos so the channel owner can earn money for the ad placement.

So how much money can you expect to make? The answer varies and is completely up to you. I personally know people who earn from as little as a couple dollars each month upwards of several hundred each month. You may even see some more famous YouTube channels who have millions of subscribers that can expect to see several thousand each month.

The amount of money that you’ll earn online depends entirely on your effort and diligence. For more tips on how to make money on YouTube check out our post “How To Make Money on YouTube” (coming soon).

Of course, there are also surveys you can do or companies that are willing to pay for certain tasks or trials online, but I’m really not a fan of those. In case you’re wondering, here are a few out there: