Grow Your Social Presence

This month’s review is one that I recently found as I was looking for solutions with a friend of mine for aiding in the growth of our social media channels. has various services to offer at a comparable price. We specifically looked at the YouTube services for subscribers, views, likes, and comments. I’ve tried other services, which I won’t list here, that have provided subscribers at a very low cost, and I mean only pennies per subscriber. Boostlikes has options to increase your YouTube subscribers for around 50 cents per subscriber. You may think that this seems pricey but I regret spending money on cheaper sites for low-quality subscribers that do not engage.

To prove out this point I’d like to share what has on their site:


“The Boostlikes Lifetime Guarantee

This order is covered by our Boostlikes Lifetime Guarantee. The fans we help you acquire are permanent, and any lost fans will be replaced for free.”


Now that is a powerful promise! As for the controversial question whether or not purchasing followers, likes, subscribers, etc. is a good practice? I feel that it is entirely up to your marketign strategy. If you are aware that the added metrics are a result of your purchase and that you still need to experience natural growth, then I would recommend it.


At the very least, head on over to and see what they have to offer. It will be well worth your while.