We are excited to partner with Skulpt who provides an innovative body fat and muscle quality scanner, the Skulpt Aim and Skulpt Chisel.  We first came across Skulpt at the Los Angeles Fitness Expo in 2015 at their booth where we got to try out their Skulpt Aim scanner for the first time.  I now use one of their scanners for a “Quick Scan” every week, and once a month I do a “Full Body Scan” to keep track of my body fat and muscle quality.  I can fine tune my workouts based on the areas that need the most work, and I can truly see real progress from the Skulpt iPhone app.


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About Skulpt:

“About three years ago, Skulpt realized that EIM could be really helpful for healthy people trying to maintain, improve, and track their fitness. Our studies had shown that stronger, leaner muscle has a higher muscle quality, so we were able to quantify that and help people track their progress. Further, we found that in the wealth of data we gathered, there were parameters that correlated highly with body fat.

These findings and others led to our development of the first Skulpt consumer products. In 2016, we renamed the fitness-related version of our proprietary technology Composition Myography (CM). This clarifies the differences between CM and our original technology, which continues to be used in patients with muscular disorders. Then we launched the Skulpt Scanner, which delivers all the advantages of these refinements to our fitness customers.” – (