Naked Labs

We are excited to partner with Naked Labs who provides an innovative 3D Fitness Tracker.  In June of 2016 I had the opportunity to attend an “Internet of Things” conference where they talked about emerging technology of today.  I had heard of the Naked Labs 3D Fitness Tracker before, but at this conference there was a small part of a presentation that talked about the amazing technology that this 3D Tracker Implements.  There is no better way to explain what it does than by watching the video below.  I must say though that I am extremely impressed by the progress I have seen while using this unbelievable mirror and scale that gives you real 3D results directly onto your smart phone.

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How does Naked compare to other body fat measurement methods?
“Traditional bioimpedance scales are typically +/-8% accurate and are especially susceptible to things like skin conductivity and changes in hydration. DEXA, considered the gold standard, uses X-Ray to measure body composition within 1% accuracy. Hydrostatic weighing uses displaced water and Bodpod uses displaced air to measure your body volume, getting approximately +/- 1.5% percent accuracy. Naked similarly relies on body volume and weight to calculate body fat with +/- 2.5% accuracy.” – (
naked labs

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