How to Have a Happy Marriage

The average number of married couples who end up getting divorced is around 50%.  It can be intimidating knowing that half of the people who get married end up separating.  This is why we want to share with you some of the tips we’ve learned in such a short time about how to have a happy marriage.

Love Each Other

The first thing that should be the most obvious, but at times may slip from our minds is love.  Love each other.  In the end if we focus on the other individual and their happiness then we ultimately are less selfish and can work toward a happy marriage.  This isn’t to say we need to completely forget about ourselves, rather be aware of the other person and their feelings.  I can remember the beaming smile on my wife’s face as I surprised her by being home early from work.  I had cleaned up the house and left foam hearts all over with something I love about her written on each one.  This simple act made a world of a difference.  As we do things like this for each other our mutual happiness increases.

Make a Plan

This is incredibly important.  We plan out our date nights. We plan our vacations. We plan our finances. We plan our meals. We plan our workouts. Well, you get the point.  We plan everything we can to make sure we’re always on the same page.  Interestingly enough finances are one of the top reasons why couples get divorced.  We’ve never really let that become a point that comes between us.  While we have had struggles and minor differences we always come to a conclusion together.  With hectic schedules and busy lifestyles this can be quite difficult.  The more you strive to plan together the better chance you have of succeeding.

Have a Common Goal

When two individuals have a common goal they are able to grow closer together as they work towards that goal.  Many people have religious beliefs that unite them in their common goal towards good.  Others may have financial goals that involve saving and planning to achieve something they both want.  Fitness can act as another uniting theme.  I’ve actually found a lot of joy as we both work together on our health and having a better lifestyle.  We thoroughly enjoy the gym and working out while supporting each other.  This also serves as a great stress reliever that helps us not feel the need to vent.

No matter what methods you have of maintaining a happy marriage, make sure you set apart time and put forth the effort to keep it that way.  Let us know what kind of things you do to have a happy marriage in the comments!