The Lift in Lift Laugh Love

So why do we put the Lift in Lift Laugh Love? When Natalee and I first met it was at a Christmas party that was being held by a mutual friend in the West 6 penthouse on Mill Avenue. I was the photographer and as usual I took more pictures than necessary. After these events my friend and I would hold I made it a habit to message each attendee on Facebook that I could and thank them for coming. Natalee caught my eye, and after talking for several hours, needless to say the passion we shared for fitness led us to plan our first date for rock climbing that weekend.

focus climbing center

Since that day we’ve always had fitness on our mind, and we enjoy staying active together. She’ll even make fun of me sometimes because one of the first things I told my sister about Natalee was that “She lifts”. Granted she was more of a dancer than a bodybuilder, but now she has a passion for both.

lift in lift laugh love

This is one of the main reasons why we wanted to include the Lift in Lift Laugh Love. Normally you will see “Live” in that phrase, but to us those three things are what truly allows us to live. Our passion for health and wellness, our love for each other, and the laughter we share with family and friends.