Bearizona Wildlife Park Review

What is Bearizona? It’s a wildlife park located in Williams, Arizona not too far west of Flagstaff. A few weeks ago Natalee and I decided to head up north to go camping near Sedona. The next morning we ventured a little farther to a fun little area where wildlife roam and you can even drive your car through on a sort of self-tour! I thought I would take some time and share this Bearizona Wildlife Park review.

Before I get started, if you want to see some amazing video and pictures from our trip check out this video: Having a Bear as a Best Friend.

How to Get to Bearizona

Getting to Bearizona was simple. We headed up north from Sedona until we reached Flagstaff, and then headed west towards Williams. From the Phoenix area you can expect around a 3 hour drive. You can’t miss the giant “Bearizona” signs as you approach.

What To Do in Bearizona

As we arrived we pulled up to the kiosk where someone kindly greeted us. The admission is $20 per person or $100 for the vehicle, so if you go with more than 5 people you’ll save money. We paid and she kindly told us we could either go to the right and drive through ourselves or turn left and take a bus tour (included in the admission). There is also a walk-through part that you can venture through as well. We decided to drive through first. Unfortunately the driver side window wouldn’t roll down in our car so any pictures I took out the left side have a slight glare. If you’re wanting to do a lot of photography or video I would highly recommend taking the bus tour. It looked like there was no glass in the windows because they were higher than a regular car.

They gave us a map to show what animals we could see at different points along the path. We got to see some rams very close up and they didn’t even seem phased by the cars!

wild ram


It was really neat to see the bears walking along side us. Several times we saw them scratching their backs on trees! It was amazing to think that they were only a few years old yet had grown so big.

baby bear

Over all I think it took us about an hour to get through the driving portion. We then parked and entered the walk-through area. Right as we walked in we got to see this beautiful white peacock!

white peacock

It seemed to have free reign over the whole park along with it’s colorful counterpart.

colorful peacock

It was really special to see them so up close and we even recorded some neat video of their feathers shaking. Natalee and I both really loved the otters as we could watch them frolic around chasing each other through the grass and under water. We saw a lot of other animals like porcupines, bobcats, and bears. We were so lucky to be able to watch some of the bears climb trees all the way to the top!

black bear in a tree

Having Bearizona only a few hours from the Phoenix area it made for an incredible adventure that didn’t break the bank either. We also watched a birds of prey show that was very well-done by the staff there. We could tell they really cared for the animals there and knew them each individually. I was amazed at how the birds flew just above our heads close enough that you’d think they might hit you!

I highly recommend this trip for the whole family or even if you go up on a date with that special someone or with a group of friends.  I hope you’ve found this Bearizona Wildlife Park Review to be helpful!  Feel free to check out our video on YouTube.