Lift Laugh Love Round 2

Two weeks from today my wife, Natalee, and I will have been married for one year. It has been quite an adventurous twelve months, and we both look forward to many more adventures to come. We went on our honeymoon on a 3-day Baja Mexico cruise aboard the Carnival Imagination to Ensenada, Mexico. One year later (next week) we’ll be going back, but this time we will be adding Santa Catalina Island to our trip. Last time we captured video and images, later compiling them into a video we posted on YouTube here: Baja Mexico Honeymoon┬áthat time we had planned on starting our own “vlog” and I would post in parallel on our blog here. Well now it has been one year and the number of items we’ve posted can be counted on one hand. This year we return with a renewed vigor for sharing our happiness with others and trying to add value to the lives of those whose paths we cross as we begin Lift Laugh Love Round 2.

Between my two jobs, pursuance of a Master Degree, a third self-employed venture, and this blog/vlog and Natalee’s work and passion for dance, including participation on a local dance team, we lead quite the busy life. However we are determined to do it right this time and post more consistently. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Lift Laugh Love

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We’re on instagram as well @jmbarker91 and @dancechick06. We look forward to sharing with all of you and being able to interact personally. Here we go for Lift Laugh Love Round 2!