Who Are We?

Who Are We?

We haven’t posted much about our story here on Lift Laugh Love, so who are we? We haven’t had time to post a welcome video on this yet but we’ll get to that soon! I’m John Barker and my wife is Natalee Barker. We met in December of 2014 and were married on May 19, 2015 in Gilbert, AZ. (There’s a lot more to that but we can get into details later!)
We’re currently living in our second apartment which gives us more room than the first, which we needed! I graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business. I currently work for MTD designing and manufacturing outdoor power equipment while going back to ASU for an master degree in Business Analytics. Some of my hobbies include going to the gym, gardening, and playing games. Natalee has a true passion for dance and has been dancing since she was only three years old. She loves to be social and has an adventurous attitude. While she currently works at Lifetime in the Kids Academy she spends her free time hanging out with family and friends, vlogging, and of course being the best wife ever!

We both have an incredible passion for health and fitness. Any time we can we’ll go hiking or camping to get out into nature and enjoy staying active. We also love food, both cooking and eating it.

In the spirit of explanation, here’s a brief summary of why we named our blog “Lift Laugh Love”.

Lift – This comes from the passion we share for fitness. 

Laugh – We believe that life should be enjoyed and that every moment should be cherished and remembered.

Love – We love each other, our family, and our friends. We want to share this with the world. 

Hopefully we will be able to get to know you as you get to know is through our posts and vlogs, and we’re grateful you chose to subscribe/follow. 

Back to the Gym for a Core Workout

On one of our first few days back to the gym and for the start of our blog we decided to make it a core workout day.  For a while we had been talking about recording more footage to put together some videos to post for everyone.  Late at night we were laying in bed and I wanted to try out a new app on my phone for editing videos.  After about 30 minutes of playing around with the app I decided the video was actually worth posting.  It turned our pretty well.  I posted it on Facebook this afternoon and before the day was over we reached over 500 people and got over 200 views.  This was quite the accomplishment for us and we’re so grateful for everyone who follows our content. It looks like heading back to the gym for a core workout really paid off. It was even more intense than leg day! Check out the video here:

Thanks again to all of our wonderful followers on Facebook, and if you haven’t had the chance to subscribe on YouTube be sure to check us out there!

The Lift in Lift Laugh Love

The Lift in Lift Laugh Love

So why do we put the Lift in Lift Laugh Love? When Natalee and I first met it was at a Christmas party that was being held by a mutual friend in the West 6 penthouse on Mill Avenue. I was the photographer and as usual I took more pictures than necessary. After these events my friend and I would hold I made it a habit to message each attendee on Facebook that I could and thank them for coming. Natalee caught my eye, and after talking for several hours, needless to say the passion we shared for fitness led us to plan our first date for rock climbing that weekend.

focus climbing center

Since that day we’ve always had fitness on our mind, and we enjoy staying active together. She’ll even make fun of me sometimes because one of the first things I told my sister about Natalee was that “She lifts”. Granted she was more of a dancer than a bodybuilder, but now she has a passion for both.

lift in lift laugh love

This is one of the main reasons why we wanted to include the Lift in Lift Laugh Love. Normally you will see “Live” in that phrase, but to us those three things are what truly allows us to live. Our passion for health and wellness, our love for each other, and the laughter we share with family and friends.