Face Mask Experiment – Giveaway Winner Announced

Face Mask Experiment – Giveaway Winner Announced
Check out this amazing face mask experiment and also find out who won our very first Lift Laugh Love giveaway!

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Have you ever tried this kind of face mask? Crazy huh?! It was fun to try! We also worked out hard core at the gym, went tanning poolside at these luxury apartments, and had an incredible date night painting some new furniture for our lovely place. Check it out and subscribe for more!

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Funnyrats – Featured Friday

Funnyrats – Featured Friday

It’s time for another Featured Friday, and this time we’ve found this fun family on YouTube “Lane and Krista – The Funnyrats”! This family has some amazing things to share, and they’ve been vlogging daily for about 7 years. If you’re interested in submitting your own content for Featured Friday, just fill out this form here.

Here’s a video from their channel to see what they’re all about, but you can also check out here YouTube channel here.

“TheFunnyrats is a family of four, Lane (dad), Krista (mom), Amelia (daughter), and Jacques (son). We live to travel as a family to show other families that it’s possible to travel with kids and have adventures together as a family.

We started on YouTube as daily vloggers in 2009. We daily vlogged buying a house, the birth of our daughter and son, our debt free scream on the Dave Ramsey Show when we paid off $70,000 in debt. Now we really want to focus on travel.

We believe that traveling is some of the best education that parents can give to their kids. We live to take road trips, side trips, day trips and more. We love discovering the world around us and exploring our world.

Our dream is toddle our house and everything we own, but a RV (preferably an Airstream) and live life as digital nomads on the road sharing our experiences through videos on YouTube and social media platforms.

We will see you at the next destination!” – Lane and Krista – The Funnyrats

Make sure you head on over to the Funnyrats YouTube channel to check out other amazing videos about their life and experiences.

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Allyshia May – Featured Friday

Allyshia May – Featured Friday

We’re happy to announce our very first Featured Friday post featuring Allyshia May! ¬†Each week we will feature someone we’ve connected with and the content they create on YouTube, Facebook, or some other media outlet. ¬†We believe in there being good in the world, and when we find that good we want to share it! ¬†There are so many current events going on that there needs to be a beacon of hope for humanity. ¬†Enter in, Featured Friday! ¬†We hope you’ll find value in the content we find and post here for you. ¬†If you’re interested in submitting your own content for Featured Friday, just fill out this form here.

So now on to our very first Featured Friday post with Allyshia May! You can also check out here YouTube channel here.

“I am a 22 year old mom of 3 kids under 6. I post videos related to veganism, my health, my kids and natural birth. I sometimes add in random videos as well. I want to bring awareness to living a vegan life style and normalizing natural parenting :)” – Allyshia May

Make sure you head on over to her YouTube channel to check out other amazing videos about her life and experiences. ¬†We found a lot of insight in the description she wrote up for her channel’s About page:

“My name is Allyshia May. I am a 22 year old mother of 3 from British Columbia, Canada. My children are: Lilia (born February 2011), Ellora (born October 28, 2012), and Raine (male; born August 2015). My content includes life updates, health videos, videos about being vegan and everything else in between. I take video requests and will answer any questions I can. Come follow our journey!” – Allyshia May

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How to Make Money Online

How to make money online is one of those questions that is quite frequently asked.  There are so many articles out there that talk about different ways of making money online, and most of them will try to sell you a system or a product in attempt to make money themselves. Using this short article you will be able to find a few ways that will really allow you to make money online without worrying about the nightmare of any scams.

The absolute best way, in my opinion, to make money online is through marketing. No, I’m not referring to the idea of “network marketing”, more commonly known as as the misnomer “pyramid scheme”. I’m referring to affiliate programs and marketing. Traditionally, if a company wants to make money they pay for advertising campaigns and then their ad goes out. A rising method of this advertising is through affiliates. Some companies will allow you to share links that will track how many people purchase from that company through your link or how much they spend after clicking on your link. The company will then commonly offer a percentage of that sale to you as a commission. Some very common sites that manage these relationships are ShareASale.com and ClickBank.com to name only a few.

make money online with share a sale

Other companies may offer an affiliate program through their own website or through a CRM such as Infusionsoft. You can find affiliate programs for anything from beauty and makeup products to software and services.

Another common way to earn money online is via Google’s AdSense program. If you sign up for an AdSense account you can then take advantage of ads that other companies are paying for in order to place them on your website and/or online network. Most people who have their own YouTube channel are aware that they can monetize their videos, or in other words allow companies to place ads on the videos so the channel owner can earn money for the ad placement.

So how much money can you expect to make? The answer varies and is completely up to you. I personally know people who earn from as little as a couple dollars each month upwards of several hundred each month. You may even see some more famous YouTube channels who have millions of subscribers that can expect to see several thousand each month.

The amount of money that you’ll earn online depends entirely on your effort and diligence. For more tips on how to make money on YouTube check out our post “How To Make Money on YouTube” (coming soon).

Of course, there are also surveys you can do or companies that are willing to pay for certain tasks or trials online, but I’m really not a fan of those. In case you’re wondering, here are a few out there:

Bearizona Wildlife Park Review

Bearizona Wildlife Park Review

What is Bearizona? It’s a wildlife park located in Williams, Arizona not too far west of Flagstaff. A few weeks ago Natalee and I decided to head up north to go camping near Sedona. The next morning we ventured a little farther to a fun little area where wildlife roam and you can even drive your car through on a sort of self-tour! I thought I would take some time and share this Bearizona Wildlife Park review.

Before I get started, if you want to see some amazing video and pictures from our trip check out this video: Having a Bear as a Best Friend.

How to Get to Bearizona

Getting to Bearizona was simple. We headed up north from Sedona until we reached Flagstaff, and then headed west towards Williams. From the Phoenix area you can expect around a 3 hour drive. You can’t miss the giant “Bearizona” signs as you approach.

What To Do in Bearizona

As we arrived we pulled up to the kiosk where someone kindly greeted us. The admission is $20 per person or $100 for the vehicle, so if you go with more than 5 people you’ll save money. We paid and she kindly told us we could either go to the right and drive through ourselves or turn left and take a bus tour (included in the admission). There is also a walk-through part that you can venture through as well. We decided to drive through first. Unfortunately the driver side window wouldn’t roll down in our car so any pictures I took out the left side have a slight glare. If you’re wanting to do a lot of photography or video I would highly recommend taking the bus tour. It looked like there was no glass in the windows because they were higher than a regular car.

They gave us a map to show what animals we could see at different points along the path. We got to see some rams very close up and they didn’t even seem phased by the cars!

wild ram


It was really neat to see the bears walking along side us. Several times we saw them scratching their backs on trees! It was amazing to think that they were only a few years old yet had grown so big.

baby bear

Over all I think it took us about an hour to get through the driving portion. We then parked and entered the walk-through area. Right as we walked in we got to see this beautiful white peacock!

white peacock

It seemed to have free reign over the whole park along with it’s colorful counterpart.

colorful peacock

It was really special to see them so up close and we even recorded some neat video of their feathers shaking. Natalee and I both really loved the otters as we could watch them frolic around chasing each other through the grass and under water. We saw a lot of other animals like porcupines, bobcats, and bears. We were so lucky to be able to watch some of the bears climb trees all the way to the top!

black bear in a tree

Having Bearizona only a few hours from the Phoenix area it made for an incredible adventure that didn’t break the bank either. We also watched a birds of prey show that was very well-done by the staff there. We could tell they really cared for the animals there and knew them each individually. I was amazed at how the birds flew just above our heads close enough that you’d think they might hit you!

I highly recommend this trip for the whole family or even if you go up on a date with that special someone or with a group of friends. ¬†I hope you’ve found this Bearizona Wildlife Park Review to be helpful! ¬†Feel free to check out our video on YouTube.

How to Have a Happy Marriage

How to Have a Happy Marriage

The average number of married couples who end up getting divorced is around 50%. ¬†It can be intimidating knowing that half of the people who get married end up separating. ¬†This is why we want to share with you some of the tips we’ve learned in such a short time about how to have a happy marriage.

Love Each Other

The first thing that should be the most obvious, but at times may slip from our minds is love. ¬†Love each other. ¬†In the end if we focus on the other individual and their happiness then we ultimately are less selfish and can work toward a happy marriage. ¬†This isn’t to say we need to completely forget about ourselves, rather be aware of the other person and their feelings. ¬†I can remember the beaming smile on my wife’s face as I surprised her by being home early from work. ¬†I had cleaned up the house and left foam hearts all over with something I love about her written on each one. ¬†This simple act made a world of a difference. ¬†As we do things like this for each other our mutual happiness increases.

Make a Plan

This is incredibly important. ¬†We plan out our date nights. We plan our vacations. We plan our finances. We plan our meals. We plan our workouts. Well, you get the point. ¬†We plan everything we can to make sure we’re always on the same page. ¬†Interestingly enough finances are one of the top reasons why couples get divorced. ¬†We’ve never really let that become a point that comes between us. ¬†While we have had struggles and minor differences we always come to a conclusion together. ¬†With hectic schedules and busy lifestyles this can be quite difficult. ¬†The more you strive to plan together the better chance you have of succeeding.

Have a Common Goal

When two individuals have a common goal they are able to grow closer together as they work towards that goal. ¬†Many people have religious beliefs that unite them in their common goal towards good. ¬†Others may have financial goals that involve saving and planning to achieve something they both want. ¬†Fitness can act as another uniting theme. ¬†I’ve actually found a lot of joy as we both work together on our health and having a better lifestyle. ¬†We thoroughly enjoy the gym and working out while supporting each other. ¬†This also serves as a great stress reliever that helps us not feel the need to vent.

No matter what methods you have of maintaining a happy marriage, make sure you set apart time and put forth the effort to keep it that way.  Let us know what kind of things you do to have a happy marriage in the comments!

Bearizona Wildlife Park

Bearizona Wildlife Park

We had such a blast at the Bearizona Wildlife Park, and having a Bear as a Best Friend is amazing! We took a trip to Williams, Arizona to visit the incredible wildlife park BEARIZONA!

Check out our video below and make sure you subscribe to have a chance to win in our upcoming giveaway when we reach 100 subscribers!

To continue celebrating Natalee’s birthday we took the weekend to head up north to go camping. The next morning we woke up and went to BEARIZONA!! We had such a blast and got really cool video and pictures of the animals. ¬†We also took the drone with us and flew around for some crazy views! We know you’ll enjoy them as much as we did! We saw everything from wolves and black bears to otters and peacocks. ¬†This was an incredible experience that we had together after a night of camping with some crazy neighbors with loud music! We highly recommend you visit the Bearizona Wildlife Park.

A Day in the Life – On A Cruise

A Day in the Life – On A Cruise

We had such a blast on our cruise and it took a long time to get this video up, but here it finally is! ¬†This is the first in a series of several vlogs that we’ll be posting to show our up close and personal experience on the Carnival Imagination. ¬†We highly recommend it and have been twice. ¬†If you’re interested in going on a cruise let us know and we will be sure to share many pointers with you to make it the best experience ever!



In case you missed our overview of the cruise a couple weeks ago you can see it here: First Year Anniversary Trip – Vacation of a Lifetime